Summer, Summertime.

Summer is my jam. No really. I’m a sun worshiping, warm weather loving, ocean swimming mamma jamma. I love summer. For nine months out of the year, I wait patiently and semi-silently for a summer day tease. You know? One of those warm 80 degree days in the middle of January, where the sun is brilliantly shining bright, the breeze is cool, but in no way exemplifies a barren and cold wind and I forget that it’s actually winter time.

I hop in the shower, shave my winter legs, and can’t get myself quickly enough into my bathing suit. Hopefully, I’m only midway to my winter hibernation weight, but regardless, I go to the beach and pretend like one day after another for many consecutive days, I will have summer fun. I live for these days. These gentle, but taunting unnaturally seasonally challenged days are the little pieces of hope that get me to moments like today: the Summer Solstice.

Today is the longest day of the year. The life giving, heart of the solar system will bare it’s brightness for all of us to celebrate for just today. But, it does not just deliver one gift. No, no, no. It’s like a three month long celebration of amazingness. I know most of you are perspiring like a wild animal, but I’m basking in it because I know it means one thing. It’s summer, summer time.