An Ode to the Natural Woman

Rise and shine
to the chirping of birds and the scent of the sea. The waves begin
their rolling dance, ebb and flow,
back and forth as my sanity lingers
between them. I sense the vibrations
from my dreams that have followed me
to my wakened state and I begin to
stare at the dim sky, waiting for the sun
to break through my consciousness.

My prescription bottles remain empty.

I walk through the day present in nature’s
presence, aware of the strength of a good
jaunt back into the wilderness. Affording
myself this luxury, I remain intact, whole,
my arguments with myself stay sane. Often,
I think of the heroes before me who wrote of
the sea and its relatives. And, how Mother Nature
wasn’t always their savior. She is mine.

I howl at the moon and the energy of a unified
scream fills me to the brink. I have been refueled and can walk among the masses,
making my way as though as I belong, but
aware of my sensitivity and their futility.
Attention to the details of the green in the
trees, the fluttering of the hummingbird’s wings,
the caw of the crow and the scent of the roses,
my weapons are always only a reach away.

I stay true because of my connection and I stay
because I am a small part of the whole of it.
Natural Daily Post Prompt