Month: May 2016

Infinity in the Love Degree

I stared at you as you walked away. You would
come back, yet my heart ached long and hard.
Unfurled, curved claws sliced into my chest,
ripping raw flesh like it was
wet tissue exposing the vibrant,
red beating vessel which contained my
life force upon this Earth. My eyes met yours in
solemn vulnerability wishing for you to put me to rest.
Let me grasp my final destination of infinite

As you reached that ghastly claw above me and
roared in love pain, your face turned and instead of
tearing me bare, you forlornly abandoned our last
stance. Snot and blood coming upon my face,
sending confusing sensations to my brain, I allowed
myself to be drained from the wound you thrust into my bust.
Lifting my head up, the
trail of tears cleansed my crimson face,
creating a path tiny enough for me to find my way back
home where I would hold fast for your

Nothing left for me to do but be
still and remain true.
Loyalty not meant for you,
but to myself and the
infatuation that had not only
been shed, but had remained
pumping through our veins