Month: March 2016

Mandatory Fucking

I wake up with a sharp pain

in my gut or my soul. Neither of them matter.

Most likely it’s my blackened heart.

I reach over for a warm body to

shove into this empty hole, but you

are not there. The imprint of you still remains

on the striped pillowcase.

My eyes close as if I’m still lingering between sleep

and wakefulness.

Fingers tiptoe to where your warmth lies

and come only to find a pocket of void air

that you left behind from before.

Rolling over into my pillow, I shove my

Fingers into the dampness between my legs to get a taste

of what you’ve been missing. My body loosens

as my fingers quicken, imagining you filling me up,

losing your consciousness onto the back

of my neck.

As I plunge deeper inside, I feel you on top

of me putting all that you have left to give

into each thrust. Longer. Harder. And, then slow.

Cuming down into me as we begin to pant into each other.

I pull my hand from underneath the covers and

laughter forces itself out of my pussy as the

tears begin to stream down the side of my face and

onto your pillow. I imagine you there with your hand

still on my ass. I watch the animal in you slowly go

back to sleep and the humdrum of my lonely breath alone

lingers only alone without you.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I fall back asleep and wake up

full of sense.