Month: January 2016

Alternate That Frequency

I don’t know that I’ve felt my
existence within someone the
way that I do with you.
As your hand reaches to touch my face,
I see your feelings through your eyes through mine.
Cascading lifetimes pull our bodies in the now
apart as an eternity of knowledge slides into
metaphors of
not words
not emotions
not experience
but more like epiphanies of universal love of the
hand that opens my vulnerable core and turns it into a
community of expansion upon the
veil of this existence.

Pure in heart, in thought, in soul,
I lose sensation with
my shape as I become formless and
melt into all that which is around me.
I am you.I am the trees.
I am the homeless
man on the street who came home long before me.
Robbed of the justifications which allowed his ego to
propel him on a material shooting spree of spiritual
assassination, he lays segregated from society,
but he knows the path of the eternal 360,
what goes around comes back around again.
Karmic debt to travel with through the lifetimes of
reality so that we all remain in packs, tethered to one another.

We stay.
Faces change.
They all transition, but we stand in our loyal solidarity
Pulled together over again with no say so.
Destiny has had its hand on our deck.
Cards dealt.
Choices made.
I choose the struggle because the struggle is you.