Red Rum

So not feeling any of these feelings right now.

I walk through the front door and immediately feel
like I’ve tossed myself into a huge fucking pot of
boiling water, like that lobster you watch on television
die over and over again. Once with your eyes and
so many more times in your brain. Or at least I do.

So, I walk into this front door and I’m immediately
picked up by these cold metal tongs. My arms and
legs begin flailing around and I begin to sweat.
Where am I going? What is going on? Why am I here?
The fear begins to penetrate my thick shelled outside and
suddenly I’m tossed into boiling water and for a split subject
I freak the fuck out and make this weird screaming noise that

won’t ever be forgotten and then, I die. I’m dead. Or I might

as well be because this fucking boiling pot of water sucks way more than death.


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