I Call Bullshit


Skimming the headlines, searching,

There is always searching,

For something to bring me current.

From the bottom of my bottle to the

Top of my head, I stand invisible and

Feel like the world has left me behind

To go about its business unaware

That I am standing here, screaming:

“Fucking leave it be already.”

The pounding of that sledgehammer

Seems silent compared to the

Stance my head has taken. Thoughts

Seem to be stolen by the insatiable

Urge to stand alone, still.

Calm has seemed a distant future

And more loss a probable outcome

Until additional inaudible cries will

Be heard and then there

Is you: All shiny and bright like

A fucking pink and purple cloud

Of cotton candy and slowly

The death march I’ve been running to and fro

Teasing myself and it back and forth

And forth again looks me dead in the eye

And has me, just like that. It all falls

Aside and deliberately, my eyes

Widen as my hips loosen and I remember

To cry and dance and that there is a sunrise

That has my name on it, just waiting to be

Seen after a late night fuck fest only sealed

By your kiss.

(I can’t help to feel. I feel. God damnit, I

Feel like I can’t fall and then there,

I feel I’ve fallen for your kiss and it’s all sealed by your deal.)


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