Month: October 2014


So, on a whim. I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo. I will be, essentially, writing a 200 page rough draft to a novel in a month. It’s like 50,000 words. I start on November 1st. I’m scared and excited at the idea to be able to complete something like this. Just wanted to put that out there into the Universe. Wish me luck.


You talking to me?

There’s this place I grew up

right between respect and loyalty.

This place where only the ones who

know, know. There’s this place

that breathes safety to those who

choose to rest easy here. This place

has people who come and go and that’s

just fine with those who stay.

They were never meant to be there in the

first place.

There’s this place that stays solid amidst

the chaos and pain. It stays whole through

the storm and rises even stronger than

before its battles. This place has room for

you and me over and over again.

There’s this place that has to be unforgiving.

It has to hold fast onto its ideas of trust and

honor. Without passion towards these

innumerable odds, this place will wither

and nothing will be sacred.

There’s this place I go to when I feel my

back against a wall. This place doesn’t fail me.

Only the humans who claim to know this space do.