Month: May 2014

Honor it!

One thing most people wouldn’t know is that I actually come from a military family in a weird way. My Uncle Al was a grunt who fought in the Vietnam War. My Nana Tracy was a Marine and my Aunt Duke was in the Navy. My father tried to enlist in the Army, as well, because his brother was drafted, but couldn’t because of his blindness. Our family was never pro-war. However, they were pro-America and believed very much in the beauty that exists in this country of ours. I was raised on buying American, JFK and Joe Namath.

For some of you, this might not make any sense. Shit, I didn’t understand it for many years myself. However, today I get it. I am grateful to live where I live, despite my feelings on stuff and even though I wish there was no war, I always respect someone willing to sacrifice their lives for their ideas on this country. I don’t think I can come close to fathoming the courage, strength and absolute fear it must take to do this and for their service, I can share my gratitude and respect. I don’t believe I need to agree with or understand something completely to know that I respect it. R.I.P. to all those who are gone and God Speed to all those who are still out there in the trenches.